3 New Stores Open in UAE; MUMUSO Accessories Store Makes Its Debut
3 New Stores Open in UAE; MUMUSO Accessories Store Makes Its Debut.
Although the Covid-19 epidemic has not completely ended, the epidemic has been clearly contained and stabilized due to the joint efforts of governments and peoples of all countries. Therefore, many countries have begun to gradually release restrictions, and people’s daily life and business activities have slowly returned to normal. 
MUMUSO’s global layout has never stopped, even though the epidemic has had a huge impact on the global economy this year. Following the 1st store opening of MUMUSO in Uruguay in early June, recently 3 new MUMUSO stores have been opened in a row within a month in United Arab Emirates.  
It is worth noting that one of the three stores is different from other stores. This store only takes up tens of square meters, and it only sells accessories. The brand-new business model—MUMUSO Accessories Store is more flexible and requires less store area, so that it can be opened in the atrium, corridor and any other places of a mall. Meanwhile, it provides more specific products and serves for particular groups; when people who want to buy accessories pass by the store, they will come in and pick something. We believe in the near future, MUMUSO Accessories Store will appear in more countries and cities around the world to provide customers with more satisfactory products.  
Up to now, MUMUSO has opened a total of 22 stores in the UAE. At the same time, radiating to the entire Middle East and North Africa from the UAE, MUMUSO has continuously opened stores in more department stores that local people love to go in daily life, enabling them to easily buy the high-quality yet low-cost products in MUMUSO. 

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