MUMUSO stores are running with sufficient goods globally

Recently , MUMUSO China stores are running with sufficient supplies. All goods are thoroughly disinfected before put on the shelves, so consumers can fell safe to shopping in our stores.

During the special period of fighting against the Novel  coronavirus epidemic, MUMUSO actively integrated all resources at home and abroad to allocate protective equipment and daily necessities to meet people's urgent needs for anti-epidemic supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant. Despite of the increase in procurement and transport costs during the outbreak, MUMUSO insisted on not raising prices.

In order to reduce the risk of virus transmission, MUMUSO advocates "1-meter service" and ""no-contact delivery service". Except for sterilizing the shelves, exhibition stands, cashier counters and shopping baskets at least twice a day, our salesperson also keeps a safe distance of 1 meter from consumers when providing services. For the online stores, we are also trying to enrich the supply of all kinds of goods as well as provide the no-contact safe delivery service to consumers .

MUMUSO overseas’ stores in more than 40 countries are also operating normally. After the successful opening of MUMUSO stores in Ecuador, and Pakistan in February, Romania, India, Chile ,Dubai and other countries are also making preparations for the opening of new stores in March.

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